Sash Windows Bath Can Soundproofing Your Windows

Traditional single glazed sash windows do not regularly furnish the even of thermal and noise insulation that we require for a comfortable living environment in Avon.

In some situations installing Sash Windows Bath draught seals can provide the solution alone and upgrading the glass as well demands to be the next task if this is not the case.


It can be surprising how much difference can be reduced to the severity of noise your sash windows let in just by Sash Windows Bath making some minor adjustments.

Sash window draught proofing by Sash Windows Bath is an excellent option If you�re interested in getting to keep your home warm and quiet. A thicker glass will improve noise reduction and so Sash Windows Bath also advise on and provide our services in further increasing the soundproofing of your home with double glazing.

Soundproofing Windows in Batheaston


The first step towards improved sound insulation from sash windows and doors is to establish that effective draught seals are fitted by Sash Windows Bath and any air gaps around the windows are perfectly fixed and sealed.

With any restoration or repair job where sash windows are removed Sash Windows Bath suggest installing sash draught proofing and so maximising on the window improvements whilst the windows have been removed. Sash windows are often found in old properties so when they were installed noise reduction was not necessary but modern methods of soundproofing from Sash Windows Bath make an authentic impression on your home.

Sash Windows Bath Offer Soundproofing!


If soundproofing is actually an affair in your home then soft furnishings may bring forth a solution to this problem so consider thicker curtains or fitting carpet in your Avon home to help.

No matter how well the glazing reduces noise, there are cracks where air can enter then noise will penetrate your Avon home. Sliding sash windows have reliance on gaps to let them move, but the gaps unfortunately allow in draughts, noise and dust into your Avon home.


Sash Windows Bath sash draught-proofing system decreases the disturbing unwanted noise that sneaks in everywhere from the window and likewise stops the sashes rattling against each other.

Sash Windows Bath fully recommend the installation of draught proofing to all sash and timber windows to eliminate draughts and reduce noise, while not altering the original aspect of the windows.

Sash Windows Bath draught seals work by cutting air flow so they also reduce air-borne noise & dust.

Sound or draught proofing by Sash Windows Bath can also improve the maintaining of energy potential of your home and so reduces the payments made in trying to heat your property.